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Website Design & Development

Custome website design and development focused on standards and effectiveness. From a 5-page static websites to 1000-pages dynamic commercial websites, managing from the initial briefing of the web project to the final lunch of your website.

WordPress & Joomla Template Design

Specialized on customization of two powerfull Open Source CMS, Joomla & wordpress. The choise for these two development plataform is due to their high performance, user friendless and accesibilty. The choice Open Source because I beviave on the power of distributed peer review and transparency of this development process; I also believe that Open Source offers better quality, higher reliabilty, more flexibility, lower cost and no predatory vendor lock-in.

SEO & PPC Advertising

SEO Consultancy

In order to have a success online presence, your website needs to be found by your customer or public. Employing white hut techniques, I can ensure that your website achives good ranking on your in the major web search services (Google, Yahoo, Live (MSN)). If you think that you’re website is not performing as it should, get a free Search Engine Analisys Now.

PPC Advertising

Reduce cost and increse your ROI. It is a well know fact that Pay Per Click Advertizing is very cost effective, highly efficient and easy to track your results. I can help your company or product achive your Pay Per Click and Searh Engine Optimatsation Goal by buiding or managing your PPC advertizing campain with Google, Yahoo or Live Search.



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