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by Cicero Junior Web Design

As part of the process of searching for a new job, I have decided to put this blog online recently. It only took me a week to get this WordPress engine customized and up running, and I have to congratulate and thank the creators of WP for this amazing tool. Once the blog was online and ready to go, I run into a tricky question; what I am going to write in my first post? To be quite honest, I never thought this would be a hard exercise, but, three weeks later I had come to a conclusion that best topic for my first post, would be an explanation of what is this blog all about, and here it comes.

On this blog I will be talking about web design and development, note that I am don’t consider myself a expert of all science concerning the web and its technologies. However on this blog, I wish to exercise my right to take part in big discussions. On this blog I will express my views on thing such web standards, web security, new technologies and trends. I will also be publishing coding solutions and tutorials on CSS, XHTL, JavaScript and PHP. As all geeks love gadgets, I wills surely be mentioning one of two along the lines here and there.

Will there be anyone listening to me? Will I win your attention on those 50 milliseconds that I may appear on the Kingdom of Google? Lets be honest, the odds are really against me, and it’s most likely that most of the stuff I will publish here will never reach a great number of people, but that doesn’t really matter, as long as the few people that I reach, find joy in this little adventure.

Cheers everyone…

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