Bring Down IE6

by Cicero Junior Web Design, Web Standards

While working on a website redesign project, I found myself wondering if was really worth to spend all that much time adjusting the design so it doesn’t brake on IE6, Isn’t it time do BRING DOWN IE6?

After all, who would use IE6 when you have such a great choice of browsers at the moment, such as Firefox, Crome, Opera and not to mention IE7 & IE8 (Which works reasonably well).

Doing a little seach online, I found the case of 37signals, where they have advise user that some of their application would not work on IE6, as it is a last-generation browser, and it is holding up the Web from moving forward.

Well I thought, it is all about usability, and we don’t want users to be excluded from having a good experience using the clients website. But than I thought, the client’s website is direct to the UK and EU market, so it shouldn’t be many people in these very developed countries who are still using IE6. And so I went off to check the starts of the last 6 months for this website.

To my surprise…

Browsers Starts UK

Browsers Starts UK


Browser Version

Browser Version

So, unfortunately I think we have bare with IE6 a little longer…

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