» Bring Down IE6

While working on a website redesign project, I found myself wondering if was really worth to spend all that much time adjusting the design so it doesn’t brake on IE6, Isn’t it time do BRING DOWN IE6?

After all, who would use IE6 when you have such a great choice of browsers at the moment, such as Firefox, Crome, Opera and not to mention IE7 & IE8 (Which works reasonably well).
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» #1 Blog Post

As part of the process of searching for a new job, I have decided to put this blog online recently. It only took me a week to get this WordPress engine customized and up running, and I have to congratulate and thank the creators of WP for this amazing tool. Once the blog was online and ready to go, I run into a tricky question; what I am going to write in my first post? To be quite honest, I never thought this would be a hard exercise, but, three weeks later I had come to a conclusion that best topic for my first post, would be an explanation of what is this blog all about, and here it comes.
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